We are an emerging sustainable company ranked in the top 10 of every state we do business in. We install solar power systems with a daily drive to empower people. We believe by taking care of our people, our people will take care of us. We are passionate about empowering people and making a difference in the world around us, and are looking for like minded people to help us change the world.

As an installer, we are looking for someone to install the racking system and solar panels on residential roofs, maintain a high quality of installation, prepare trucks for installs in the upcoming day making sure everything is neat and organized. You will also be expected to service the solar system as needed, clean and prepare trucks at the end of the day to ensure that the vehicle is ready for the next day’s use, and work with up to 1000 Volts DC and 480 Volts AC.


  • “Work hard, play hard” culture
  • Tons of free swag
  • Competitive pay
  • Fun monthly competition with prizes
  • Your office is the great outdoors
  • On-the-job training
  • Monthly (actually) fun company-wide meetings
  • Tons of service projects to get involved in
  • Approachable leadership
  • Quick growth opportunities
  • Health benefits/PTO

about us.

In 2016, Kyle Larsen and Scott Knudsen saw the need for a solar company that empowers its clients, emphasizes excellent customer care, and helps its employees progress, not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of life. Skyline Solar was founded and built on these principles. Like any new company, we had to begin somewhere; and Skyline started in a cold, unfinished basement. It took drive and determination, but we dug ourselves out of the basement after only 5 months. This has taught us the mindset that it takes to get through hardships and thrive.

On a personal level, everyone is trying to get to that next level in their lives; whether they’re struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. As a company, we want to empower our clients and employees to figuratively “get out of their own basements” whatever that may be. We believe that solar power empowers people by giving them energy independence, environmental responsibility, and monetary freedom. We’re always looking for talented, like-minded individuals to join us, and we hope that’s you!


Happy, honest, hardworking, and humble.

These are the qualities that you will find in our company culture. Everyone here is working for a purpose bigger than themselves, and you can feel it when you see it. A large group of individuals working in a system to help be the change we all want to see in this world. We call it our SkyFam. Not everyone fits the mold, but once you’re in, you’re kin.

Company lunches are definitely a sweet perk. We understand why the term “breaking bread” has lasted so long. Eating is the oldest form of building relationships and connecting with one another.

We definitely like to have fun! Life was meant to be lived. Skyline Solar is filled with individuals who love to have a good time and only accept good vibes. There is always a lively energy because we understand our time here is short and we all want to enjoy it. Especially while working on a mission as powerful as saving the world. #liveskylinesolar world.