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    Home Solar Energy or Photovoltaic (PV) systems, despite being installed on millions of homes across the globe, remains a mystery to many Americans.  Some carry misconceptions or misunderstanding of how the technology works.  We want to educate and inform homeowners to more fully understand solar power and the potential benefits it can have to your home and the community.  

    Using tried and true technology, solar panels use energy from the sun to generate electricity.  Using an inverter and working in concert with your power meter, it effectively creates clean, abundant energy which can be used anywhere in the home.  In addition to heavily reducing the home’s carbon footprint, it will lower your monthly costs.  To learn more about the basics of solar, Tap here.


    Many PV systems generate significantly more energy than the home which they are powering needs.  That power is not wasted, it is sent backwards through your electric meter to power homes and businesses in your community through a process called net metering.  The homeowner is credited for that energy on their monthly bill, heavily reducing or eliminating your power bill.  To learn more about net metering, Tap Here

    One of the most lucrative benefits of going solar is the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  It gives homeowners the opportunity to retrieve 26% of the cost of their solar project when they file their taxes.  This means that for a $30,000 solar project, the homeowner will receive $7,800 back through a tax credit.  This helps make solar significantly more affordable and only has a few disqualifying exceptions.  To learn more about the Federal Solar tax credit, Tap Here


    Will solar increase the value of your home? The short answer is yes.  Similar to almost any other renovation project in your home, it will certainly increase its value if put up for sale. Installing solar is perhaps one of the best ways to enhance your home since it adds value to the house while saving you money each and every month. When you do choose to put your home up for sale or refinance, there are a few things you can do to maximize your return. To learn these tips and more about what solar does for a home’s value, Tap Here

    Solar batteries represent the cutting edge of home energy technology.  The combination of solar energy and home storage batteries help further maximize the benefit of using energy when it is most advantageous. Thanks to smart features present in many of the best batteries, energy can be saved for an electric vehicle or stored in the event of a blackout. The future of home storage batteries is still being carved out as the technology still yields amazing new offerings quite often. To learn more about home storage batteries Tap Here


    Some people have skepticism about solar power.  Perhaps they know someone who had a negative experience or read an article with incomplete information.  We want to help homeowners be informed of the truth about solar.  Based on our 1,500+ solar installations, we know that many people can absolutely benefit from solar, especially when the project is carried out by a qualified team.  We have compiled a few of the most common questions we have received from skeptics of solar power, you can read those questions and answers Here

    Many homeowners see the potential benefit of making the jump to solar but they have no idea where to start.  There are several things you can do prior to reaching out to a solar company in order to better understand how well it will fit on their home.  These include taking an assessment of your roof and your power usage. To learn what to do to get ready to meet with an energy specialist, Tap Here

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    Solar panels on sloped roof of house on overcast day

    Those who are ready to speak with an energy specialist may be wondering, what has to happen before I get to enjoy my solar panels?  The process may look daunting at first, but fear not! Our team works everyday to make the process easy and efficient for the homeowner, constantly ensuring that there is an open channel of communication the entire time. We’ve broken down each step in our superior process so anyone making the jump to solar can know exactly what to expect.  To read more about the steps to going solar on our blog, Tap Here