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Milestone 6 - Net Metering

Your Project Has Moved To Net Metering!

Congratulations on reaching this exciting stage of your solar journey! Net metering is a critical step that helps in maximizing the benefits of your solar power system. The solar power metering process allows you to earn credits on your energy bill for the excess electricity your solar panels produce. This helps in significantly reducing your overall electricity costs.

Net metering programs not only make solar energy more cost-effective but also support the broader adoption of renewable energy by feeding clean power back into the grid. The solar net metering stage involves collaboration with your local utility company to set up the necessary infrastructure, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

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Net Metering

Where You Are At In Your Project

Upon completing an inspection of your system we will now inform your power utility that we are ready for them to set up net metering of your system.  They will go through their procedures to ensure that you are able to rack up credits on your energy bill as your system produces excess power.  This may involve the power company installing a new electrical meter on your home.


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Net Metering

What You Need To Know About This Stage

This part of the solar project often demands a lot of patience, as it may take up to 8 weeks.  Similar to acquiring permits, we are unfortunately at the mercy of the power company through this process.  This is as frustrating for us as it is for you.  You are still protected by our On Time, On Budget Guarantee! 

During this stage, it is essential to stay in touch with your project manager for any updates. If any action is required on your part, we will notify you promptly. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work through this crucial phase.

Net Metering

Your Action Items

Some Utilities may require your signature

Although it is rare, we will let you know if your utility needs your signature

We Partner With

Why Skyline

Just in case you didn't know this awesome stuff about us!


On Time

On Time

Your system will be installed in 120 days*!
As part of our On Time On Budget guarantee, we will take care of your monthly solar payments if your system isn't operational within 120 days from when it was site surveyed. With our efficient solar power net metering, you can start saving on energy costs as soon as your system is up and running.

*150 Days for MidAmerican, Alliant and Holy Cross Customers.


On Budget

On Budget

Never pay more than what you signed up for.
On Time On Budget guarantee covers your back against any costs we incur that were NOT included in the contract. In other words, we won't come back to you later in the project and ask for more money. This happens on 1 out of every 8 projects and is a value of $1,500 on average to you!

Give Power

Give Power

Clean drinking water for 20 years! When your install is completed, a donation will be made to
Give Power foundation so that one individual will receive enough clean drinking water for 20 years! Your contribution will help make a global impact, and you will benefit from our advanced solar power metering solutions.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Everything done all in house, no cut corners.
Financing, Survey, Design, Electrical, Project Management, Monitoring. All your solar needs under one roof with w2 employees and local installers. Our integrated services include solar panel net metering programs to ensure you maximize your energy savings efficiently.
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Net Metering

Net Metering

The local power utility will go through their procedures for the net metering agreement including possibly replacing the electric meter.

System On Icon

System On

System On

With all processes complete, the system is ready to be turned on when it will immediately begin producing clean solar power!


Stages Completed

Stages Completed

Check Out the stages you've already completed!
Site Survey Icon

SITE Survey

SITE Survey

A Solar Technician comes to the home to take measurements of relevant areas of the home and take pictures for the final design of the system.

Design Icon

Final Design

Final Design

A Designer will create a design of the solar array using a CAD program.  The design is approved by an engineer.
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Permits & Net Metering Agreement

Permits & Net Metering Agreement

The Skyline Solar Team will apply for all necessary building permits for the city or county. They will also apply for a net metering agreement with the local power utility.
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At the scheduled date and time, a Skyline Solar crew will put the solar panels on the property along with all other equipment for the system.

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The new solar system is inspected to ensure it is compliant with all local codes and regulations.  Any corrections required will be promptly addressed.


Most Asked Questions During This Stage.

What is solar power net metering?

Solar power net metering allows you to earn credits on your energy bill for the excess electricity your solar panels produce. These credits can be used to offset your future energy costs, making your solar system more cost-effective.

How does a net metering solar system work?

A net metering solar system works by sending the excess electricity generated by your solar panels back to the grid. Your utility company tracks this energy and credits your account, reducing your overall electricity costs.

How can a net metering program benefit me?

The benefits of a net metering program for solar power metering include reduced electricity bills, increased energy independence, and a faster return on your solar investment. It also encourages the use of renewable energy, benefiting the environment.

Do all utility companies offer net metering services?

Not all utility companies offer net metering services. It's important to check with your local utility provider to understand their policies and whether they support solar net metering.

How do I know if my net metering solar system is working correctly?

You can monitor your net metering solar system's performance through your inverter's monitoring system or a dedicated app provided by your solar installer. Regular checks and maintenance ensure your solar panel net metering system operates at peak efficiency.

What happens if my system produces more power than I use?

If your solar system produces more power than you use, the excess electricity is sent back to the grid, and you earn credits on your utility bill. These credits can be used to offset future electricity costs.

How long will my project take?

Great Question!  We guarantee that your system will be operational within 120 days following your site survey, 150 days for MidAmerican, Alliant and Holy Cross customers.  If we are not able to make our deadline, we will take care of your monthly solar payments for you!


How long until this stage is complete?

Scheduling an inspector can take up to 2 weeks.  An inspection takes less than an hour.  Although we have a very high pass rate on our inspections, there may be a list of corrections we need to make.  The inspection acts as an independent check to ensure your system meets local building codes and ordinances.

Why would Skyline not pass an inspection?

Here at Skyline, we work in a variety of cities and counties and within each of those areas our solar projects are checked by several inspectors.  Each factor of different areas and inspectors add a level and complexity and nuance to codes and ordinances with differing interpretations.  

How can I submit a referral?

We always aim to please and always roll out the red carpet for those referred to us.  You can quickly and easily submit a referral HERE.  We can't wait to serve your friends and neighbors!


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