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Get A Free Solar Report for your home and get paid on average $12,350 in Tax Credits!

See how everyday people are SAVING big by locking in their rates for the next 20 years with a fixed payment guaranteed not to increase .

*Video Update* In 2022 Govt. passed the Inflation Reduction Act which now allows for a 30% Tax Credit to switch to solar and increased the opportunity from $9,100 on average to $12,350.

What will our energy specialist cover in your appointment?

4 PERSONALIZED items that are unique to your SOLAR SAVINGS. The results they will deliver WILL RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR VIEW ON SOLAR and save you money!

Your Personal Rooftop Analysis

Using satellite technology, our team can analyze the amount of sunlight hitting your roof, and determine the best route for placing solar panels in an efficient location. Not only can our team determine the amount of energy that your panels will produce, but also find the best way to save you money.

Personal Calculation Of How Many Panels Your House Can Fit.

By having the complete dimensions of your roof, our break-through technically can now figure out how many panels can go on your roof—along with 100+ other data points (such as average sunlight on your house, historical weather, tree coverage, etc). We can provide you with the most accurate amount of energy your new solar system will produce.

See Exactly What Solar Users Are Experiencing In Home Resale Value.

Adding solar to your home does more than save you money—it can actually make you money. Home with solar panels are gaining a premium on the resale near $20,000!

The Cost of Doing Nothing.

So what's the cost of NOT getting solar? Your utility bill is likely to go up as much as 4.02% every year as rates increase. Don't get locked into rising, unpredictable rates. Own your power and pay less!
About Skyline Solar

We've helped empower over 2,000 of
your neighbors with this program!

Homeowners are qualifying for 30% of the project cost, on average $12,350!

0 Money Down

0 Money Down

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25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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High Industry Rating

High Industry Rating

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Skyline Solar

See Why Over 1500+ Homeowners Can't Be Wrong!