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Solar Panel Company in Grand Junction

Leading the way in renewable energy, our Grand Junction solar panel company specializes in residential installations. Skyline Solar is dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective solar solutions that meet your needs, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on energy costs. Power your home with us!

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Upgrade Your Home With Solar Panels In Grand Junction, Colorado

When your business and home in Grand Junction partner with Skyline Solar, you add a valuable power source to save energy costs and the environment.

Efficient Solar Panel Systems in Grand Junction, CO

At Skyline Solar, we take pride in our qualified personnel and years of industry expertise. We source our products from the best manufacturers and implement the most innovative technologies to provide reliable solar panel installation services in Grand Junction. Our specialists utilize the most updated techniques to guarantee your roof won’t leak after our solar panel installation.

So, if you want to lower your energy bills while conserving the environment and looking for the best solar companies in Grand Junction, check out our solar options to get started.

Our Solar Services in Grand Junction, CO

Solar Panel Installation

If you're looking to install new solar panels in Grand Junctions, we’ll help you with professional installation services that are ideal for your energy needs and budget. Being a renowned Western Colorado solar company, we ensure that our clients receive top-notch service and guidance. From authorization to installation, we’ll fully lead you through every stage of the project. We also assist with solar panel financing and solar panel tax rebates. This helps make your installation smooth and affordable.

Energy Storage

Our expert Grand Juction solar installers can help you with battery storage so you can store excess solar energy to use later. We offer custom battery storage installations to each of our clients, which provides them with the greatest return on investment.

Detach and Reset Services

Are you moving homes or want to replace your entire roof? Whatever your reasons, we can help detach and reattach your solar panels in Grand Junction, Colorado! At Skyline Solar, our team of authorized and insured solar experts will ensure your solar system is all set up fast so you don't experience any power downtimes. We guarantee to take extra care for every project so your panels operate efficiently in the long run.

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

Solar panels are generally maintenance-free. Once installed by our local solar installer in Grand Junction, you can enjoy a 24-hour power supply with no interruptions. However, in the unfortunate events your panels may get damaged - for example, by a massive hailstorm or a fallen tree, you can count on us to get your solar system back to brand-new condition.

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Why Choose Skyline Solar?

Maximum Energy Savings

Maximum Energy Savings

We aim to deliver the most suitable cost and power for your solar setup in Grand Junction, CO. As a result, we help you obtain maximum energy savings with efficient solar technology.

100% In-House

100% In-House

At Skyline Solar, our professional team of certified solar installers in Grand Junction, CO, operates completely in-house, guaranteeing you superior craftsmanship.

Financing Available

Financing Available

For the added benefit of our esteemed customers, we provide a variety of solar panel financing options. Whether you require a solar panel grant or are considering leasing solar panels, Skyline Solar got you covered.

5-Star Customer Reviews

5-Star Customer Reviews

We put our Grand Junction homeowners first. As a result, we guarantee to provide complete client satisfaction with all our solar panel installation projects in Grand Junction.

Solar Panel Installation in Grand Junction, CO

As a trustworthy solar company in Western Colorado, we strives to provide efficient solar panel services to all our clients. Whether you require inspections and repairs, or system designs and installations, we can help you fast and affordably. Also, our solar panel financing services can help reduce your energy bill with a solar installation that costs less than what you would spend on regular power.Contact our team today to schedule an appointment in Grand Junction, CO.
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On Budget, On Time

Have you ever had a contractor delay your project by days or even months? Have you ever had one ask for more money after you signed a contract stating what it would cost?

Going solar shouldn't be the same way. That's why we've boiled it down to a simple promise: On Time On Budget. We guarantee your solar project will be on and producing within 120 days. #OnTime We guarantee you will not incur any extra expenses after you sign up. #OnBudget Certain area restrictions may apply. Speak to your local Energy Specialist today to see how you can take advantage of Skyline Solar's On Time On Budget guarantee!     

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