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Solar Panel Installation in Des Moines, Iowa

Transform your Des Moines home with Skyline Solar's expert installation services. Embrace sustainable living and lower energy costs through our efficient, personalized solar solutions. Start your journey now to a greener future with one of the best solar companies in Des Moines!

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Invest In Affordable Solar Panels In Des Moines, Iowa

Get on the path to affordable energy independence with Skyline Solar. A professional solar panel installation company in Des Moines that you can count on.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Des Moines, Iowa?

Solar power is gaining ground in Des Moines, thanks to Iowa’s generous solar panel incentives and favorable renewable energy support. The city has more sunny days than the national average, making it perfect for solar power. Homeowners who use solar panels save over $5000 in electricity costs each year.

Iowa's Commitment to Renewable Energy

More than 40% of the electricity generation in Iowa comes from wind energy. Iowa is committed to renewable energy, and as such, it makes sense that the state is always looking to other energy sources and preserve its natural beauty.

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Basking in Iowa's Solar Advantage

Des Moines boasts a commitment to eco-friendliness and renewable energy. The solar panels in Des Moines continue to generate electricity, even on cloudy days. They respond to the visible light spectrum, ensuring consistent energy production. With ample sunshine available, solar panels prove to be highly effective in harnessing solar energy across the city. More sunshine translates to more savings for Des Moines residents investing in solar companies in Des Moines for solar panel installation.

The transition to solar panels in Des Moines, Iowa, is enticing with incentives like:

Sales Tax Exemption

You save 6% on the purchase, along with an additional 1% local sales tax, if you switch to solar power in Des Moines, and that’s before the solar panels make it to the roof. This will provide valuable savings for those looking for local solar installers to transition to solar power in Des Moines.

Solar Tax Credit

Homeowners can get back up to 13% of the cost of their solar system on their state income tax. Commercial businesses can also get $20,000 in tax credit if they install solar power.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Homeowners with solar power can claim up to 30% tax credit on federal income taxes. However, for this to be applicable, the solar systems shall be purchased outright, either with cash or a solar loan. The Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended till the end of 2032, and the discounts will drop to 26% as 2033 begins, Therefore, now is the time to look for the best solar installers in Des Moines to equip your home with solar power.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Home improvements, such as adding an energy source, usually increase property taxes. However, Iowa offers a unique exemption for residents who install solar panels. Eligible claimants aged 65 or older on or before January 1 of the assessment year, can now benefit from a homestead tax exemption, set at $3,250 of taxable value starting from January 1, 2023. This exemption, coupled with the initial five-year tax relief post-solar panel installation in Des Moines, provides significant financial incentives for embracing solar energy in Des Moines.

Net Metering in Des Moines

In Des Moines, your solar energy system can do more than just lower your electric bill. Thanks to net metering policies, it will help you get any surplus electricity your system generates credited back to you. You can use these credits when your system's output is lower, ensuring you get the most out of your investment in solar energy.

Solar Easement Laws

Iowa’s solar easement laws protect your right to going solar. They prevent pesky HOA’s from blocking your solar panel installation and allow you to remove any shade cover that would inhibit solar power production.

Community Solar in Des Moines: Power for All

Des Moines supports solar energy for every resident through community solar projects. Whether you rent or your home can't accommodate solar panels, you can still tap into clean energy by subscribing to an off-site solar array. This initiative makes solar installations done by the best solar companies in Des Moines easily accessible to all in Des Moines.

Explore sustainable energy with proficient local solar installers of Des Moines. Connect with Skyline Solar for expert guidance and installation!

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Why Go Solar in Des Moines, Iowa?

Increased Home Value

Increased Home Value

Adding a renewable source of energy such as solar panels can increase the value of your home by $20 for each dollar saved on the annual cost of power. Increase the value of your home with solar panels.

Protect Yourself from Outages

Protect Yourself from Outages

Power outages in your home can be frustrating. Going solar with the help of Skyline Solar means you never have to deal with a dark house, food in the refrigerator going bad, devices going off, or missing your favorite shows. We only offer backup solar panels and batteries from leading brands.

Reduced Costs and Improved Solar Technology

Reduced Costs and Improved Solar Technology

Solar technology has seen a lot of innovative improvements in the past few decades. Combined with Iowa’s incentives, solar power is more affordable and efficient than ever.

Skyline Solar: A Trusted Solar Company in Des Moines, Iowa

With thousands of satisfied customers across the country, Skyline Solar is committed to making your solar energy dreams come true. We customize each solar panel system to your home’s design and build it to serve you for decades.

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Have you ever had a contractor delay your project by days or even months? Have you ever had one ask for more money after you signed a contract stating what it would cost?

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